Gardevoir is now playable in Pokémon UNITE!

Gardevoir officially joins the roster of playable characters as an attacker of Pokémon UNITE on July 28th @ 7:00 UTC.

This Pokémon was already present at the Japanese demo on the Nintendo Switch and its data was datamined from the first release of the game on July 21st, but some of its aspects have been fine-tuned for the final release. Alongside this release, some bugs were patched, including one affecting the use of Muscle Band on Charizard.

To obtain Gardevoir’s UNITE license, you will need either 8000 Aeos coins (obtainable through normal gameplay) or 460 Aeos games (purchasable).


Gardevoir is an attacker that uses its Special Attack for its long-range abilities. It’s been classed as an intermediate difficulty Pokémon.

According to the official Pokémon UNITE account, these are Gardevoir’s stats (all values out of 10):

  • Offense: 9
  • Endurance: 3
  • Mobility: 3
  • Scoring: 6
  • Support: 3

On the other hand, Gardevoir’s got the Synchronize ability, which reflects back any damage-over-time condition or decreased movement speed aimed at Gardevoir against the user (both Gardevoir and its attacker are affected). When triggered, the ability goes on cooldown.


Gardevoir’s basic attack becomes a boosted attack every third use. When the boosted move is used, it deals damage to opponents in the area of effect and decreases their Sp. Def. for a short amount of time.

On levels 1 and 3, it can learn Confusion and Teleport in the order you prefer:

  • Confusion: attacks straight in the designated direction, with a cooldown of 4.5 sec.
  • Teleport: the user warps to the designated area, increasing the damage dealt by its next basic attack.

Each move can be upgraded later on the match:

  • Level 6: Teleport can be upgraded to either Psyshock or Future Sight.
    • Psyshock: attacks thrice in front of a user (AOE) with a cooldown of 13 seconds. At level 11, it can be upgraded to increase the damage each time one of the attacks hits.
    • Future Sight: sets a delayed explosion that, when hitting, shortens the move’s cooldown of 10 seconds. It can be upgraded at level 11 to remove its cooldown entirely when hitting.
  • Level 8: Confusion can be upgraded to either Psychic or Moonblast.
    • Psychic: hits an opposing Pokémon or travels its maximum distance and then creates a circle that damages opposing Pokémon in the area of effect, decreasing their movement speed for a while. It has a cooldown of 7 seconds. At level 13, it can be upgraded to reduce its cooldown.
    • Moonblast: the use moves back to create distance while attacks. When the blast hits, deals damage and leaves the opposing Pokémon closest to the user unable to attack for a short time. It has a cooldown of 6 seconds. At level 13, it can be upgraded to reduce its cooldown.

Finally, when evolving into Gardevoir, it can learn its UNITE Move Fairy Singularity, which warps space in the designated area, drawing in any opposing Pokémon. This will knockback and deal damage to them the instant the warp disappears.


Gardevoir’s Holowear features a rose-inspired hat and necklace. This aesthetic upgrade can be purchased for 350 Aeos gems.

What's next?

While Gardevoir’s introduction to the game is sure to make an impact, we’re already awaiting for more Pokémon to arrive to the Aeos Island! So far, Blastoise has been officially confirmed and Blissey has been datamined. For information on Gardevoir and all other playable Pokémon, you can also check JJ-kun’s master spreadsheet!

On the other hand, if you can’t wait to get your hands on Gardevoir and play some high-level competitive matches, make sure to join our VR Unite Open on Sunday, August 1st! All details here.

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