An introduction to Battle Items in Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE is going to get released next Wednesday, so it’s time to make sure that you are fully equipped with knowledge before the game comes out to get an advantage over other players!

Because of this, today we’ll be addressing one of the most important aspects of the game: the game’s item system. This interests you especially if you plan to go pro in the competitive and join our Unite Open on August 1st!

There are two kinds of items: Battle Items and the Held Items. Even though both are items per se, each has its merits and works different from the other. We will begin by having a look at the Battle Items today.

What are Battle Items?

Put it short, UNITE‘s Battle Items are the equivalent of  League of LegendsSummoner Spells, or just Spells for other MOBA titles.

If this is your first MOBA game, then it’s easier to think of the Battle Items as Universal Skills that all players may use, but only choose 1 per game.

As of the writing of this article, there are only 8 battle items in the game.

Battle Items currently available
PotionX AttackX SpeedFluffy Tail
Eject ButtonWhite SmokeFull HealGoal Accelerator
Battle Items currently available
PotionX Attack
X SpeedFluffy Tail
Eject ButtonWhite Smoke
Full HealGoal Accelerator


30 secLevel 3

Potion, as the name suggests, just heals a percentage of your health. This is best used by Defenders to sustain themselves, but no one can ever go wrong by regaining some HP during the match. It is similar to Heal in League of Legends

It has a cooldown of 30 seconds and you will need to have a Trainer Level 3 to unlock its use.

It restores a total of 15% of your current max HP. 

X Attack

40 secLevel 7
X AttackCooldownUnlock

For this game, X Attack is the combination of X Attack and X Special Attack from the mainline RPG games of Pokémon. Therefore, it raises your Pokémon’s Attack and Sp. Attack in UNITE for about 5 seconds.

It boosts your Attack and Special Attack by 10%, has a cooldown of 40 seconds and you will need at least a Trainer Level 7 to unlock it.

This item looks promising early ganking or harassment of the opponent to get an advantage over points and/or experience. However, beware of using this against Garchomp, because you get recoil damage every time you attack it due to its Rough Skin ability.

X Speed

50 secLevel 8
X SpeedCooldownUnlock

If X Attack raises a Pokémon’s offense, X Speed raises your movement speed for about 6 seconds. The best use for this is to catch up to an opponent to deal the final blow or to escape a potential KO.

This item has a 50 seconds cooldown and is unlocked at Trainer Level 8.

Fluffy Tail

25 secLevel 10
Fluffy TailCooldownUnlock

Fluffy Tail is an item that only works against wild Pokémon on the field. If you have played League of Legends, it’s similar to Smite, although it works differently.

This item will stun and interrupt any attack coming from wild Pokémon for 2 seconds with the exception of Drednaw as using Fluffy Tail on it will only root it and not be interrupt any attacks coming from it. 

In addition to this, Fluffy Tail also makes the user deal more damage to the Wild Pokémon that got affected by Fluffy Tail. This, in turn, makes this a very great Battle Item if you want to secure objectives quickly and swiftly.

Eject Button

70 secLevel 11
Eject ButtonCooldownUnlock

Eject Button will teleport you to a short distance in a specified direction from wherever your Pokémon is standing. For comparison, it works pretty similarly to League of LegendsFlash or Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s Flicker.

Like X Speed, this is used mostly for two things: to catch up to an opponent to deal the final blow or to escape a potential KO.

On August 18th, Eject Button’s cooldown got increased from 55 seconds to 70 seconds.

White Smoke

40 secLevel 13
White SmokeCooldownUnlock

The use of White Smoke will reduce the movement speed of opposing and wild Pokémon within a radius.

This is best used to prevent your opponents from getting far away from you… unless they use a Full Heal or an Eject Button, of course!

Full Heal

40 secLevel 14
Full HealCooldownUnlock

Full Heal will remove any debuffs and status from you. In addition to this, you are also immune to them for a short amount of time. In essence, the item works like you would expect in the core games.

Goal Accelerator

90 secLevel 17
Goal AcceleratorCooldownUnlock

Goal Accelerator halves the time you need to dunk in points on a Score Goal. Let’s say your Pokémon spends 10 seconds to dunk, use this and it’ll become just 5 seconds.

This is good for late-game strategies as the higher the points you hold, the longer the time you dunk in the points, however, that cooldown is very unforgiving, so use it wisely. You will also need a Level 17 Trainer to unlock.

In conclusion

We have prepared a video detailing every battle item that you may watch here if you prefer a video version of the article:

What's next?

We haven’t talked about the Held Items yet so stay tuned for that. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to have the latest information about this and future events!

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Do take note that the developers may update, change, remove, or add more Battle Items as they deem fit as the full game releases and on updates and patches in the future. That said, we will try our best to update this article as soon as there are changes.

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